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K-12 Staff Wellbeing Community of Practice

A Community of Practice is a place where we can share our learning, ask our questions and improve our understanding of approaches to improving staff wellbeing in BC’s K-12 schools.  The community of practice will be facilitated with its areas of focus determined by participants, with different participants leading the conversations on issues or practices, whether to share their learning or to seek the input of others to guide their journey. Read our information sheet here.


Promoting wellbeing in a school district may involve its own group with qualities similar to a community of practice but in many cases, there are limited avenues for sharing and learning from others.  The hope is that this community offers a space for connecting with others doing similar work in addressing staff wellbeing.


Anyone with an interest in this issue is invited to participate, whatever your role (teachers, school Administrators, district staff, support staff, researchers, academics, consultants etc.)


Click on the link below to register. You will be added to the list for upcoming Community of Practice meetings. Register here.

How It Works

Meetings will be virtual, for one hour, and occur once a month at 4:00 pm Pacific Time The first meeting was held on February 24, 2021, and subsequent meetings this year will be held monthly through May.

Your Commitment

None.  Turn up if and when you can.  Communities become more coherent through regular communication so it’s good to participate as frequently as possible. People have multiple commitments and limited time, so it’s up to you how often you join in.

BC Only?

Initially, the group will be limited to BC participants. However, there are interesting staff wellbeing approaches in other provinces and internationally, so whether we share and learn from outside of BC will be something to consider as we evolve.


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