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Learn from Others in BC

What are you doing? And what have you learned?

Many schools and districts are working to support staff wellbeing – but there is limited sharing of approaches across the province.

Instead of reinventing the wheel in every school and district, let’s share what we’ve done and what we are learning. By building on the real-live experience of our BC colleagues, we can make all BC schools and districts places that support the wellbeing for all staff.

Sharing Your Work

Whether you are a teacher, an administrator, a support staff person or a district leader, we want to hear what you are doing to better support support the wellbeing of staff and how you are doing it.

You may already have some materials that would help others working on staff wellbeing, such as:

  • reports, Powerpoints, workshop materials etc. that could be shared or adapted;
  • articles contributed to a district or union newsletter that may allow others to consider your approach;
  • strategic or other plans highlighting your staff wellbeing work;
  • terms of reference for your wellness committee;
  • materials you have used to engage staff; etc.

Send your submissions to Submissions will be posted below.

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